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    Finns appreciate reindeer

    When foreigners are asked the reasons to visit Lapland, reindeer is always in the top three together with snow and northern lights. But what is the attitude towards reindeer in Finland? Reindeer Herders’ Association ordered a Gallup survey from Kantar TNS Agri Oy (n=1161) in March 2018.

    Reindeer also arouses positive feelings in Finns: respect, interest and delight. The most important feelings are north, livelihood and sautéed reindeer (food). The importance of reindeer for tourism is also well understood. Reindeer is considered to be an integral part of northern nature.

    Reindeer is widely used in tourism marketing in Finland. Finnair flyes, Valio sells cheese and Alko sells vodka using reindeer. Reindeer is a special northern experience for both domestic and foreign tourists – in nature or on a plate. The living reindeer herding culture is an invaluable source of these experiences.

    1 Reindeer Gallup - Feelings aroused by reindeer

    2 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer the first things that come to mind

    3 Reindeer Gallup - What is your attitude towards reindeer husbandry

    4 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer meat is pure natural product

    5 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer meat is the best

    6 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer meat production is ethically and ecologically sustainable

    7 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer meat and other reindeer products are unique and of high quality

    8 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer most important production animal in northern Finland

    9 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer is occasionally a nuisance

    10 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer causes too much trouble and annoyance

    11 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer should be kept in fences all year round

    12 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer create a positive image of Finland for foreign tourists

    13 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer belongs to the northern nature

    14 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer is a key part of northern culture

    15 Reindeer Gallup - An important livelihood that belongs to the current herding area

    16 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer herding maintains a diverse range of businesses in Northern Finland

    17 Reindeer Gallup - Reindeer husbandry contributes to the vitality of northern sparsely populated areas

    18 Reindeer Gallup - Maintaining reindeer herding in Finland is important


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