Ear tags and their registry

Adding ear tags to reindeer ears are used as extra markings to recognise reindeer. These tags are useful for example when selling already earmarked, alive reindeer.

In the ear tags ordered from the Reindeer Herders’ Association two colours are used: yellow-green for all reindeer and red on breeding male. The number of the reindeer herding cooperative and a serial number are printed the male part of the tag. On the female part, the herder can add the identification information he wants. Tags are either round or rectangle. The round ear tag hold 12 characters and rectangle eight.

Ear tags (piltta in Finnish)

Ear tags ordered from the Association will be put into a registry. Then the owner can be found on the basis of the ear tag. Tags ordered from elsewhere are not marked to any official registries.

The Association has also official registries for tourism and competing reindeer.

More information on ear tags and registry secretary

Guidelines on tagging tourism reindeer

The reindeer has to be over three years old, male, trained to tourism activities and proven to have been used as tourism reindeer, before it can be ear tagged. Trained reindeer can be held in a leash, harnessed and used for pulling. Reindeer has been accustomed to human groups and it is used for tourism.

Reindeer that gets a tourism reindeer ear tag has been proven to produce financial benefit to its owner. The registry is kept in the Association. The owner of a tourism reindeer needs to inform the Association immediately, if the reindeer is taken away from the tourism work, it is sold, slaughtered or it dies in other way.