Spatial data in Reindeer Herding

All the spatial data on reindeer herding, so called poroGIS data, has been collected from the reindeer herding cooperatives in the beginning of 2000s. The data includes different kind of pasture areas, grazing cycles and other infrastructure related to reindeer herding. The right to use the material belongs to the cooperative of the area. They can be used prior to their written permission. The information is not up to date in all the cooperatives.

The application for using these materials is available in the Reindeer Herders’ Association upon request.  The applicant has to fill it and get it signed by the Chief of District. The form should then be delivered to the Association. The Association will deliver the material to the applicant in Shapefile-form.

The Association also holds the information on the borders between cooperatives.

The spatial data on reindeer herding has been updated in SYKE and RKTL (nowadays LUKE) POROT-project. It was conducted in Rovaniemi and Eastern Lapland areas.

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