Chief of District: Kantola Antti
Mobile: +358 40 562 5214

16 Alakylä

Hometown: Kittilä
Total area: 2 950.5 km2
Maximum number of reindeer: 5 300
Reindeer herders: 95

Alakylä reindeer herding cooperative is part of the Kittilä reindeer marking district. The cooperative is located to the southern part of the Kittilä municipality. It borders in west with Muonio and Kolari, in south with Jääskö and Poikajärvi, in east with Syväjärvi and in north with Kuivasalmi and Kyrö herding cooperatives.

53.7 % of the cooperative’s total area is state land and 46.3 % is owned by other landowners. There are multiple areas in the cooperative that are part of different kinds of nature reserves, mainly mire reserves. The total area of these reserves is significant. Levi tourism centre is located to the northern border of the cooperative.

The cooperative has 17 different round up fences located to different parts of the cooperative area.

Population is plentiful in the area and focuses to the villages by River Ounasjoki; Lohiniva, Kaukonen, Helppi, Alakylä, Kittilä and Sirkka.