Chief of District: Keränen Ensio
Mobile:  +358 40 028 4002
Email: keranenensio@gmail.com

57 Halla

Hometown: Suomussalmi
Total area: 3 547.7 km2
Maximum number of  reindeer: 2 700
Reindeer herders: 61

Halla reindeer herding cooperative is part of the Kainuu reindeer marking district. The cooperative is located to the Suomussalmi, Puolanka and Hyrynsalmi municipalities. In east it borders with Russian border, in south and west with the southern border of the reindeer husbandry area and in north with Näljänkä cooperative.

48.1 % of the cooperative’s total area is state land and 51.9 % is owned by other landowners.