Chief of District: Länsman Vesa
Mobile: +358 40 729 6176
Email: vesa@lumiporo.fi

2 Kaldoaivi

Hometown: Utsjoki
Total area: 2 410.7 km2
Maximum number of reindeer: 5 300
Reindeer herders: 78

Kaldoaivi reindeer herding cooperative is located in the northernmost area of Finland, in Utsjoki municipality. Cooperative belongs to the Utsjoki reindeer marking district. In the north, the borderline goes along the River Tenojoki and Norwegian border. In east it borders with Näätämö, southeast and south Muddusjärvi, southwest Muotkatunturi and in west Paistunturi cooperatives.

95.6 % of the cooperative’s total area is state land and 4.4 % is owned by other landowners.

There are Skalluvaara, Petsikko and Njallavaara round up fence areas and also Annivaara collecting fence. The cooperative area is fenced along its borders.

Population in the area is located mainly to the edges of the cooperative area: Nuorgam, Utsjoki, River Tenojoki area and River Utsjoki area.