Chief of District: Valkeapää Lars-Jona
Mobile: +358 040 678 1185
Email: kasivarrenpaliskunta@gmail.com

12 Käsivarsi

Hometown: Enontekiö
Total area: 4 839.7 km2
Maximum number of reindeer: 10 000
Reindeer herders: 191

Käsivarsi reindeer herding cooperative is part of the Enontekiö reindeer marking district. The cooperative is located to the northwest part of Enontekiö municipality.  The cooperative borders in west with Sweden and in north with Norway. In south and east they neighbour with Näkkälä cooperative.

95.7 % of the cooperative’s total area is state land and 4.3 % is owned by other landowners. Over half of the cooperative area are wilderness areas or mire reserves. In the northeast of Kilpisjärvi there is a strict nature reserve area called Malla. Most of the cooperative area does not have roads and is inhabited.

The main round up fences are in Raittijärvi, Njamakka, Saarikoski, Kultima and Palojärvi. Other fence areas are in Salvasjärvi, Jehkas and PIhtsusjärvi. Njamakka and Saarikoski areas have a 15 kilometres corridor for slaughter reindeer.

Population is sparse and is located to the small villages between road 21 and Road Ruijatie. The biggest village is Kaaresuvanto.



Käsivarsi cooperatives

The website (in Finnish and English) of Käsivarsi reindeer herding cooperative

Following wolverine

Following a wolverine with the Chief of District Tuomas I. Palojärvi in Palojärvi, Enontekiö (Youtube). Lapin kansa – published 3/2013