Chief of District: Seurujärvi Osmo
Mobile: +358 40 352 4151

4 Muddusjärvi

Hometown: Inari
Total area: 2 874.5 km2
Maximum number of reindeer: 5 200
Reindeer herders: 67

Muddusjärvi cooperative is located in the Inari municipality area. It is part of the Inari reindeer marking district. In north, the cooperative borders with Kaldoaivi, in northeast with Näätämö, in southeast with Paatsjoki, in south with Hammastunturi, in west with Muotkatunturi and in northwest with Paistunturi herding cooperatives.

84.6 % of the cooperative’s total area is state land and 15.4 % is owned by other landowners. Other land owners are farms and reindeer farms in Utsjoki that collectively own forest, and private land owners. The cooperative is affected by the mire reserves in Vaijoen – Sammuttijänkä, Piera-Mari jänkä and Halstimajänkä.

The main round up fence is Siuttajoki. The summer calve marking fences have not been used since 1994. Some herders keep reindeer in their own fences until the calves have been born.

Population in the area is sparse and is mainly located to the southern part of the cooperative. Most of the reindeer herders live in the Inari town centre or smaller villages such as Riutula, Kaamanen, Väylä and Partakko.