Chief of District: Kujala Juha
Mobile:  +358 40 913 7616
Email: oivanginpaliskunta@gmail.com

46 Oivanki

Hometown: Kuusamo
Total area: 1 620.6 km2
Maximum number of reindeer: 2 400
Reindeer herders: 49

Oivanki reindeer herding cooperative is part of the Kuusamo reindeer marking district. The cooperative is located to the centre of Kuusamo municipality. The cooperative borders in east with Russian border, in south with Kallioluoma, in west with Akanlahti and Tolva, and in north with Alakitka cooperatives.

3.8 % of the cooperative’s total area is state land and 96.2 % is owned by other landowners. The Road 5 splits the cooperative and makes pasturing more difficult. The skiing centre in Ruka brings lot of tourists to the area.

The cooperative has around 20 round up fences. There are five immovable and around ten transferable fences. Two of these have a feeding fence. The cooperative has had to build fences around most of the farmed fields.

People live mainly in the centre of Kuusamo, Ruka and Nissinvaara. The total amount of habitants has dropped during the past few years and particularly small villages in the peripheral areas are losing last people.