Chief of District: Aikio Ari-Heikki
Mobile: +358 40 843 2749

1 Paistunturi cooperative

Hometown: Utsjoki
Total area: 2 976.9 km2
Maximum number of reindeer 6 300
Reindeer herders: 87

Paistunturi reindeer herding cooperative is part of the Utsjoki reindeer marking district. It is located in Utsjoki municipality, in the area specifically intended for reindeer herding and in addition in the S√°mi residential area.

In the east, the cooperative borders with Kaldoaivi, in southeast Muddusjärvi and in south Muotkatunturi cooperatives. In west and north the cooperatives borderline goes along the river Tenojoki and Norwegian border.

94.1 % of the cooperative’s total area is state land and 5.9 % is owned by other landowners. There are only little areas of pine forests and commercial forests. Landscape is mainly mountainous and river side area. Mountain birch grows in the area. There is also Kevo strict nature reserve that was established by Environmental Protection Act.

There are no calve markings in the summer, but the herding work begins in October when the mating season starts. Cooperatives only round up fence area is in Ailakka.

The area is sparsely populated and people are located mainly to the sides of River Tenojoki. The biggest villages are Karigasniemi, Kaamasmukka and part of Utsjoki.



The reindeer in Paistunturi

Reindeer round ups in Paistunturi herding cooperative’s Ailakka fence area are proceeding in good mood (Youtube).  Olli Miettunen, Lapin Kansa 11/2013