Tasks of the Reindeer Herding Cooperatives

According to the Reindeer Husbandry Act 7 § (RHA), the tasks of the reindeer herding cooperative include

  • Ensuring that the reindeer of the cooperative’s shareholders are looked after in the territory of the reindeer herding cooperative;
  • Carrying out the tasks concerning reindeer herding the shareholders are engaged in;
  • Preventing the reindeer of the cooperative’s shareholders from causing damage and from crossing over to the territory of other reindeer herding cooperatives;
  • Carrying out all other tasks given to it under the Act and the provisions and regulations issued under it.

Organisation of Reindeer Herding Cooperative

Cooperatives name persons for different assigned positions. They work under the guidance of the Chief of District. Before taking up their duties, the Chief of District, Vice-chief of District, the foreman and the counter at a reindeer round up must sign a declaration (RHA 51 §). Further provisions on the declaration are given in 10 § by Reindeer Husbandry Decree (883/1990).