Kutuharju Field Research Station

Reindeer Herders’ Association maintains field research station Kutuharju (map location) , in the municipality of Inari. It is one of a kind in the world and significant research reindeer is made there.


There are around 170-200 reindeer before the autumn round ups. After the slaughters are finished there are around 80-100 female reindeer, 10-40 calves and 10-20 male reindeer left.

The total area of the station is 43 square kilometers and it has been divided into four different areas: Lauluvaara, Sinioivi, Piskivaara and Maantielohko. During the summer time, reindeer pasture in Lauluvaara and Sinioivi areas. In the winter, they go to Piskivaara and Maantielohko.

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More information: Maintenance of the station