Projects in progress of the Partner Organisations

Effects of warning drivers about reindeer on the roads – field project

The aim of the project (in Finnish) is to diminish the accidents involving reindeer in the traffic. This is done in two ways

  • The valuers mark accidents to an electric map where the information transfers f.e. to the TMC-navigation system in new cars
  • Project works on developing real time warnings that could be received to smart phones

The project is funded mainly by the Trafi. It is administrated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The project lasts from 1.8.2013 to 31.10.2015.

The reindeer fences and safety of game –project

The aim of the project is to produce information on reindeer fences and game. Lot of game gets injured or die when they hit the fences. This project tries to find cost-efficient ways to mark the fences in a way that prohibits this. Particularly grouses are vulnerable to injuring themselves or getting killed. Also elks damage the fences when running into them and hence increase the need for maintenance.

The participatory fence areas are located in different parts of Lapland. Most of the funding comes from EU. The project is administrated by the Arctic Centre and it lasts from 1/2014-4/2015.