Finalised Projects of the Reindeer Herders’ Association

Reindeer Meat 2020

This project focussed on the best practices of reindeer meat production, processing and training. It continued the work done in the early 2000s and reviewed the current situation and future needs. The main themes and challenges were raised through this review.

The project lasted for half a year and it was funded by the EU Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Reindeer Environment Impact Assessment -project

Different types of land usage projects have increased significantly in the reindeer husbandry area. This causes extra work and expenses for reindeer herders as the industrial land usage weakens the conditions for practising reindeer herding. To enhance the situation of reindeer herders and prevent the potential conflicts, the Association conducted this project. This guide helps different actors in the area to take reindeer herding into consideration and understand better, how it works. There were several different stakeholders participating to the development of this guide.

The Reindeer EIA guide has been acknowledged in the updating process of Mining EIA made by Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Labour, as well as in other related guides.

The project time was 1.11.2011-28.2.2013 and it was funded by the Regional Council of Lapland.

Ministry of Environment translated the guide to English and Russian.

Reindeer EIA in Practise –project

The guide project continued with training the content in practise to relevant stakeholders. It was done in 1.10.2013-30.6.2014 with regional development funds.

Promoting Reindeer Meat

These promotional projects (altogether ten) have been made since 2004. The projects have promoted reindeer meat, image and varied ways of cooking it. Nowadays reindeer meat is highly valued and appreciated meat.

The projects have developed recipes, competitions, visits, events related to reindeer meat and others. A recipe website was also developed (mostly in Finnish).

First the funding came from the EU, but later it was given from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.