Traffic Damages

There are multiple roads and railways going through the reindeer pasture areas. Hence, there are also accidents involving reindeer. The most accident prone months are November, December and January.

Be particularly cautious in the following roads (image below):

  • Road 20, between Panumanjärvi –Taivalkoski
  • Road 5, between Ruka – Kuusamo
  • Road 82, between Vikajärvi – Kemijärvi
  • Road 4, between Rovaniemi – Sodankylä
  • Road 79, between Rovaniemi – Kittilä
  • Road 21, between Kihlanki – Muonio
  • Road 4, between Vuotso – Ivalo

High risk for reindeer accident.

In Finland, the Motor Insurers’ Centre compensates the reindeer killed in a traffic accident. If the reindeer owner cannot be solved, the compensation is paid to the cooperative in the area.

The driver is not responsible for the compensation of the reindeer.

Reindeer killed by vehicles in Finland 1995-2020

Reindeer accidents per month in Finland 2010-2020

The Motor Insurers’ Centre compensates also the damages caused by foreigners. If there are damages to the car or people, those compensations will be applied from one’s own insurance.

In practise, the value of a reindeer is greater than the paid compensation from the killed. It does not cover the loss of breeding and it takes at least three years to have another reindeer in a breeding age.


The Reindeer Herders’ Association, reindeer herding cooperatives and reindeer herders are actively trying to find ways to lessen the amount of accidents. So far, there has not been a break through. For example, collars with reflectors cannot be used as drivers may think that reindeer are humans. The latest experiment was conducted in the spring 2014 when antlers were painted with reflective spray. It awoke interest broadly around the world and was the best campaign so far. There are some problems with the durability and utility, but the product development continues.

There is also a field project to use technology to warn drivers about reindeer on the roads.



Be careful in the traffic

High risk reindeer accident (in Finnish, map) areas in real time!