The valuer is chosen in the general meeting of a reindeer herding cooperative and they work on the authorization given to them in Reindeer Husbandry Act 51 §.

The information about an accident is given to the valuer through police or the chief of district. The valuer’s task is to go to the place where the accident has occurred, check out the events and people involved. He needs to do a report of the accident and inform the reindeer herder, whose reindeer was killed.

The reindeer that has been hurt needs to be found as quickly as possible. The valuer buries the carcass.

The Motor Insurers’ Centre compensates the reindeer killed in a traffic accident. The current value is determined on the basis of the average weight and breeding coefficient per type of reindeer as well as the producer price for reindeer meat. The values are determined annually. The compensations are paid the reindeer herding cooperative and again to the herder, whose reindeer was in question.