Poro kevättalvella


Soul of the Northern culture and the named regional animal of Lapland.



poropiiras pikkukuva


Restaurants – the most delicious reindeer dishes


In the old, Lappish tales reindeer are called the livestock of the Sun. The Sun has given it to people so that they would not have to perish to the fruitless emptiness of the mountains.

According to the old Lappish tales, Jubmel created the lands from a reindeer calve. The rocks were created from the bones, the land and soil from its muscles, but calf’s heart was hidden deep into the soil by the Creator. Whilst walking in the wind, a lonely traveller can sometimes hear the heartbeat of a small reindeer calve. –Erik Therman 1990.

Reindeer has the PDO-status

The European Union has granted a protected designation of origin (PDO) to reindeer meat, dried reindeer meat and cold-smoked reindeer meat from Lapland.


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Be careful with reindeer in traffic!

There are always reindeer on the roads in the reindeer husbandry area. It is good to be cautious at all times. The highest risk for accidents is between June and July, and November and January.

Reindeer accidents
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