Reindeer – naturally the Best!

The customer demand on quality products has risen quickly in recent years. Today, people choose ethically and ecologically produced meat that has healthy nutritive substances. Particularly important are the fats of the meat.

Reindeer meat has lots of iron, protein, selenium and vitamins. In addition to the reindeer meat also heart, liver, surface fat, tongue and blood are good for making reindeer dishes. Reindeer is low fat meat, but it has lot of healthy fatty acids. It is fine meat which makes it tender, fast to cook and easy to digest. Reindeer is an excellent foodstuff for everyday or more festive cooking.

Most of the slaughtered reindeer (70-80 %) are calves that have lived on the milk of their mothers and after that on natural diet. Reindeer has never been just an animal for producing meat. It is core strength of a whole culture and livelihoods.

From all the meats sold, reindeer is one of the rare ones that have grown freely in the nature. Reindeer meat is unique and its origins are known.


Reindeer meat is brought to shops from slaughterhouses and producers that meet the standards of EU directives. Meat can also be bought straight from reindeer herders from the round up fences or farms.