Reindeer Husbandry Year (1.6.−31.5.)

“Reindeer herding follows the rhythm of the northern nature, and the natural annual cycle of reindeer.”

The most intense herding work periods are during the calf markings in June-July and the autumn round ups from the end of September to January. In the summer, the work focuses on maintaining fences, and collecting hay and branches with leaves for reindeer to eat during the winter.

The reindeer herding year starts on 1st of June and ends on 31st of May.

The natural behaviour of reindeer is used in the herding work. In the summer, after the blood-sucking insects start to torment reindeer, the formulating of herds starts naturally. It is easier to gather reindeer into bigger herds and take to fences for calf marking. In the autumn, during the rutting season, the male reindeer keep the harem tightly together, which helps to gather and transfer the herds to fences again for the round up.