Young reindeer herders

There are around 900 reindeer owners under the age of 25. They are in every parts of the reindeer husbandry area and they are actively involved in the reindeer herding work.

Every year, delightfully many youngsters make a very important decision for the future of reindeer herding: they decide to become reindeer herders. There are girls and boys, from north, centre and south. They are filled with excitement, courage and will. This is the base for the continuation of reindeer herding!

Nuoria Sallivaaran Hirvasalmen aidalla kesällä 2014

Youngsters can study to become a reindeer herder in the Sámi Education Institute. In the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, one can study to become a Reindeer Agronomist.


Young reindeer herders

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