Products made from Reindeer

Ainut – Reindeer antler, wood products, jewellery.

Hornwork – Art handicraft from reindeer leather, antlers and bones. Also programme services – visit us and do handicrafts yourself!

Kammigalleria – Reindeer antler jewellery.

Kero – Reindeer leather products from Pajala in Sweden (web shop).

Lauri-tuotteet– Different kinds of products from reindeer leather, antler and bones. Traditional and famous Lappish knife smithy.

Mariela Pokka –Reindeer leather fashion.

Paccas – Reindeer leather gloves.

Palkisen käsityö – Reindeer leather gloves.

Pirjo Kantola Jewelry – Reindeer leather clothes, gloves and hats custom made.

Polkka – Reindeer jewellery from different reindeer materials.

Sompion Nahkatyöt

Story of Sisna –  Jenni Emilia Pehkonen, Sámi handicraft.

Tohono – Reindeer jewellery and products.

Reindeer Leather

Kemin nahkatarvike Oy – Leather production site located in Keminmaa. Reindeer hides, leather ribbon, drum leather and sisna.

Kero Leather AB – Pajala Ruotsi.

Kokkolan nahka – Reindeer leather amongst other products. Leather manufacturing in third generation.

Pokka – Reindeer hides and leather from the Arctic Circle.