Reindeer Races offer New Experiences

The reindeer races are a colourful and speedy competition that is also an essential part of the northern reindeer culture. Reindeer races have been held in Finland since 1932. Today, they are a carefully organized and regulated activity.

The racing reindeer are trained male reindeer. Their wellbeing is in the centre of the reindeer competitions. The reindeer are trained systematically by skillful people. It is not possible to force a reindeer to run. If it does not want to run, it does not run.


Reindeer races are held in different parts of the reindeer husbandry area in the spring. The competitors, often along with their families travel from competition to another. The competition attracts also an international audience and there is lot to see. Pictures are posted actively on Facebook and real-time results serve people who are not able to participate in the competition.

The Reindeer Competition Committee supervises the Reindeer CUP –races and has been responsible for organising the Reindeer Championships since 2016. The Reindeer CUP – season starts in the mid of February and continues to the beginning of April. The season is finalized in the Reindeer Championships where the best of the best compete for the number one positions.