Reindeer is the leading Star of Tourism in Lapland

What would  tourism in the north be without reindeer?

The total revenue of Lapland tourism is annually around 550-600 million euros. The direct employment effect of tourism is estimated to be 5 000 persons in Lapland.

Reindeer is an attractive top product of tourism in Lapland. It is used widely in the marketing, brochures and company logos. Hence, the whole of Finland benefits from reindeer, but the total value of reindeer – including image and culture – is difficult to measure. It is clear, however, that the benefit reindeer brings is multiple in relations to the value of the meat production.

When foreigners are asked, what they know about Finland or Lapland, reindeer is always on the top of the list. Almost every person visiting Lapland wishes to see a reindeer.

Tens of thousands of tourists also annually participate in the experiences offered by the reindeer farms.

Travellers want more genuine and natural experiences, and their knowledge on good quality has increased. Some of the travellers also want to become familiar with the local nature and culture, and experience these themselves.

Reindeer farm tourism companies offer travellers a chance for real experiences. There they can familiarise themselves with the everyday life of a reindeer herder. Also, the appreciation for local handicraft has grown and many travellers want to know more about the products and production.

Reindeer farm tourism is part of the varied sources of livelihoods of the small, northern villages. It offers jobs and raises the profitability of reindeer herding. By doing this, it also gives young people more possibilities within the profession.

Reindeer ‘caravan’ (pororaito) in Rovaniemi 2008.

The advantage of these companies is that they are in direct contact with reindeer herding. Most of the people offering reindeer farm services to tourists are authentic reindeer herders. They truly know what the everyday life with reindeer is.

Over 90 percent of the customers are foreigners.

You can spot the reindeer in various company logos. Image: Reindeer Herders' Association.


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