Rules of the Reindeer Herders’ Association

1 §

Reindeer Herders’ Association domicile is Rovaniemi city and the operational area is the reindeer husbandry area specified in the Reindeer Husbandry Act’s 2 §.

The members of the Association have been prescribed in the Reindeer Husbandry Act’s 20 §, 2 section.

2 §

The purpose of the Association is to perform the duties set upon it by the Reindeer Husbandry Act and Reindeer Husbandry Decree. To do this, the Association:

  1. Provides advices related to reindeer and reindeer herding;
  2. Supports and performs research related to reindeer herding, and maintains Kutuharju Field Research Station;
  3. Performs reindeer breeding and organises competitions related to breeding;
  4. Acquires information related to the reindeer herding and reindeer husbandry, and follows to national and foreign developments in the area;
  5. Practises publishing and organises events related to negotiations, communications and training, reindeer days, reindeer races and exhibitions as wells as producing different kind of materials
  6. Makes legislative and governance initiatives to advance the development of reindeer herding and reindeer husbandry
  7. Advances cooperation between cooperatives and influences other livelihoods and stakeholders related to reindeer husbandry to maintain favourable operational conditions for reindeer herding
  8. Performs other tasks that are required for taking care of the Association’s duties

3 §

The General meeting of the Association is held in June, on a date set by the Board. Additional meeting is held if the board sees it necessary or at least one tenth of the member ask it for handling a specific issue.

4 §

The invitation to the meeting will be sent by post at least two weeks before the date of the meeting.  The letter shall state the matters to be addressed. Other communications to the members of the association will be sent by post.

5 §

The decision making processes of the Association have been set in the Reindeer Husbandry Act 20 §, 2 section. The General meeting of the Association is opened by the Chair of the Association or if he is not available, Vice-Chair or another member chosen from the Board members. The meeting has three chairs, two secretaries, two persons to check the minutes and two persons to count for the votes. In the General meeting of the Association:

  1. the legality of the meeting is noted;
  2. the representatives and voting list are confirmed;
  3. the chairs are chosen;
  4. the secretaries are chosen;
  5. two persons to check the minutes of the meeting are chosen;
  6. two persons to count for the votes are chosen;
  7. the annual report, accounts, the statements from the auditors from the previous year are presented and the financial statement is confirmed;
  8. the Board and other accountable persons are discharged from their responsibilities and other actions regarding the previous financial year that annual report, accounts and statements from the auditors may give reason to;
  9. three auditors are chosen for the next calendar year, of which one has to be accepted by the Chamber of Commerce and their deputies;
  10. the guidelines for the activities of the next few years are confirmed as well as the plan of action for the next financial year;
  11. the estimates for income and expenses of the next financial year;
  12. the board allowances and refunding of the travel expenses are decided;
  13. the allowances of the Chair, Vice-Chair, members of the Board and auditors are decided;
  14. the Chair and Vice-Chair are chosen after the end of the term for the next three year term;
  15. the members of the Board (12) are chosen for the next three year term;
  16. the payments of herding reindeer of another cooperative are set.

The General meeting deals with the principle, long term issues that the Board has brought to the meeting, and issues that at least one tenth has voted to be dealt in the meeting.

6 §

The members of the Board of the Association are the Chair of the Association as the Chair, the Vice-Chair of the Association as the Vice-Chair and 12 members from different parts of the reindeer husbandry area in relation to the number of reindeer. Also a government representative set by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Sámi representative set by the Sámi organization. The Director of the Association has the right to be present in the meetings.

7 §

The Chair or Vice-Chair summons the Board meetings. The Board is quorate when the Chair or the Vice-Chair and at least half of the members are present. A decision of the Board is something that has gotten over half of the given votes. When the votes go evenly, the vote of the Chair resolves the issue, except when choosing persons. Then choice is decided with a lot. The Board sets the executive committee.

8 §

The duties of the Board include

  1. lead the activities of the Association and monitor the interests of reindeer husbandry;
  2. summon the General meeting, prepare the issues for the meeting and implement the decisions:
  3. hire and expel the Director of the Association and other employees and set their wages;
  4. make a proposal to the financing ministry about the support given to the Association and give statement how the support has been used:
  5. take care of the property of the Association, and keep accounts of the property, income and expenses of the Association, and give annual report and financial statements;
  6. manage the publishing activities of the Association;
  7. decide on the acceptance, cancellation and expiration of the reindeer marks and see that the decisions are informed according to the regulations in the Reindeer Husbandry Act 18 §;

The executive committee of the Board will perform the duties that the Board sets upon it.

9 §

The name of the Association can be written by the Chair of the Board or Director of the Association by themselves.

10 §

The accounting in the Association follows the calendar year. Financial statements and other documents related to the duties of the Association have to be brought to auditors by 15 March. They will have to give their statements on the accounts and governance to the Board by 15 April.

11 §

The regulation on appealing on the decisions made by the Association have been set in the Reindeer Husbandry Act 45 § and in Reindeer Husbandry Decree 22 §.

12 §

If the Association stops functioning, the resources will be used to support such organization that works to promote reindeer herding and husbandry in Finland.

13 §

Changing the rules of the Association is a decision to be made in the General meeting or in additional General meeting. Suggested changes require at least three fourth of the votes to be approved. Changes have to be confirmed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

14 §

These rules will come into force on 20 November 1990.

The rules have been approved on the additional general meeting of the Reindeer Herders’ Association on 29 October 1990.