Fence to protect the Farmland

Fencing fields may be necessary if there are no other ways to keep reindeer away from the fields. The expenses to build a fence however, need to be reasonable in relation to the possible damages. The fencing is discussed and agreed among the parties. If there is no agreement reached in the negotiations, the issue can be taken to valuation committee.

The definition for a good fence building comes from a court decision that says it should be made from a net fence that is one meter high (23.6.2004, 04/627). The wooden sticks should be from pine or spruce.

Building a fence requires always permission from a landowner. If the landowner prohibits it, it is likely that the cooperative will not also have to pay for the damages that reindeer cause (Rovaniemi court decision 6.9.2006 / 756). Also, the need for compensation does not exist if the person suffering from the damages contributes to the damage. Landowners and farmers are for example obligated to make sure that the gates are closed so that the reindeer will not have an access to an area where they are not supposed to be.

There has to be a written agreement between the parties about the fencing. Also maintenance of the fence has to be agreed in writing.

The cooperatives can apply support for the expenses of building the fences from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The fences are owned by the cooperative. The person causing damage on them is responsible of compensating for it.