Reindeer Products

Everywhere where reindeer have been herded, reindeer hide and sisna (leather treated with tree bark) have been important materials for clothes and shoes. Bones have also been used to make every day products.

Reindeer leather is very soft and thin, but still very durable. As a material, it is genuinely original and differs from other leather on the market. The exceptional features of reindeer leather are best shown in different garments. Hence, reindeer leather is a wanted material in high quality leather garments and accessories.  Reindeer leather is also used by some international fashion brands.

Using reindeer material in handcrafts is in the centre of the Sámi culture. In Finland, Sámi Duodji –organisation fosters the know-how of traditional Sámi handicrafts. In the Sámi Education Institution in Inari, there is a possibility to study Sámi handicraft where the reindeer is a focal material.