Wolverine (Gulo gulo)

Wolverine kills reindeer throughout the year. The most efficient hunting period is in the spring, when there is still snow. If the conditions are favourable for the wolverine, it can kill several reindeer over a night. Typically it will bite reindeer to its neck to paralyse it. It then cuts its tongue and leaves it to languish. Wolverine collects meat reserves for itself and its cubs.


Wolverine moves around n very large areas. Most of the damages happen in the mountainous area of Lapland. The damages have grown particularly in the reindeer herding cooperatives that border with Norway and Russia.



Ahmakannan hoitosuunnitelma (in Finnish)

MMM 19.6.2014 – suomeksi (PDF 551 kt)

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Wolverine keeps a live food stock

Wolverine attacks to paralyse a reindeer. Reindeer stays alive, but it cannot move. Hence, it becomes a source of fresh and unfrozen food for wolverine for several days. (Vimeo video). Filmed by Aslak Paltto

Following wolverine

Following a wolverine with the Chief of District Tuomas I. Paloj√§rvi in Paloj√§rvi, Enonteki√∂ (Youtube). Lapin kansa ‚Äď published 3/2013.